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An initiative to promote an awareness of the Hebrew foundations of the Christian faith as revealed in the Hebrew Bible – what is known to Jewish people as the Tanakh, and to Gentiles as the Old Testament.  In the Old Testament, Jesus is concealed; in the New Testament, Jesus is revealed.

Following the publication of my first book, “When was Jesus really born?” in 2013, this book has now been updated and the second edition is due out soon (February 2016).  This book explores a number of signs which appear in the Bible which point to the Jewish Day of Atonement as being the most likely time that Jesus was born.

Shown below are two comments about this book:

When was Jesus Really born?” directly challenges traditional thinking and adds a biblical dimension, well thought through and scripturally supported throughout.  I found myself wonderfully enlightened on great truths of the Word of God. Whilst each reader will be challenged to a personal conviction to the conclusions of this excellent piece of work and research, I am convinced this book should be read widely as a source of biblical information that is nothing short of a ‘Treasury of Teaching’.

Dr Tony Stone

I was rebuked, humbled and greatly encouraged by David in this book. How could I not have seen this before? This is truly a must read for those seeking to understand YHWH’S WORD.” It is revelation I have not read before and has been food for my soul, a new window into the Glory of YHWH ELOHIM.

David Sheard – Pastor

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